Adhesive Micro Bikini

Adhesive micro bikini

As the name suggests, the adhesive micro bikini is a swimsuit style that requires no straps at all, whatsoever.  Yes, swimwear has finally evolved to the point where straps are optional.  Since the bikini was first introduced in the 1940s, the two-piece swimwear has slowly graduated from full coverage to string ties to thongs bottoms to micro bikinis and now, finally, to strapless bikinis altogether.

What the adhesive micro bikini is is a set of adhesive patches that are just big enough to adhere to the nipples and crotch.  This bikini has no ties at all and is held in place only by the adhesive backing.  They are waterproof so you can play in the surf without having to worry about the patches slipping off and floating away.  Granted, this style is not for everyone but for those who are daring and despise tan lines, the adhesive micro bikini could prove to be a fun new option to wear to the beach.

Not all beaches will allow this type of swimwear on their sands.  Generally speaking, nude or clothing optional beaches will be fine with this risque type of bikini but check with the local municipality before slapping these pasties on.

Of course, as with any beach venture, make sure your parts are groomed before heading out.  Since this is such a minimalist style, you’re going to have to be very well groomed to sport this look.  If you need to shave then shave, if you opt to wax then wax.  This kind of bikini is going to get a lot of attention so make sure you’re ready for all the eyes that’ll be looking your way.

The adhesive micro bikini is all kinds of sexy so if you have the body to wear it (and the city allows you to), go ahead and stick one on the next time you head out to lay out in the sun.