Extreme Micro Bikini

As if the micro bikini wasn’t small enough already, there’s now the extreme micro bikini.  This style really pushes the limits of minimal fabric use in a bikini and also tests the limits of the law (depending on what country you’re in, of course).  The micro bikini takes the average bikini and shrinks down the size, and as you can see the extreme micro bikini takes it a step further and really offers only the bare minimum.  When it comes to coverage, this extreme style really only gives a few square inches of fabric and that’s it.  The triangle top still has the adjustable sliding triangle top but as you can see, the triangle is much much smaller exposing a lot more skin.  The bottom, similarly, offers a small patch of fabric, just enough to cover the crotch.  The rest is primarily straps.  The particular design is made of strings and rings, but this is how the extreme micro bikini is.  There’s not a high level of functionality to it – you won’t be seeing anyone playing beach volleyball in this skimpy bikini – but it is undeniably sexy and alluring.

As previously mentioned, some beaches are family oriented and wearers of this style could be asked to leave or cover up.  It’d be a good idea to check beforehand to make sure some beachwear enforcer won’t be cramping your style.  Since this is a very revealing bikini, don’t forget the sunscreen.  It’s likely you’ll be exposing virgin skin to the sun so take care to apply everywhere and often.  Of course, with any bikini but particularly with this extreme version, make sure you’re properly groomed in the areas that should be.  Wax, shave, tweeze, use Nair, whatever.  Many eyes will be looking your way so be certain that it’s to check out your sexy body and not any faux pas.