Micro Bandeau

The bandeau is a popular style of bikini top that consists of a horizontal piece of fabric that ties in the back.  There are usually no straps or ties at the neck, similar to a tube top.  This style is ideal for ladies who do not wish to have tan lines above the chest.  A fan of strapless dresses and tops will love this style of bikini top.

A traditional bandeau top usually provides no cleavage, covering the bust completely.  Because there is no support in a bandeau, many styles include gathers or puckers to create a more flattering shape, especially for a busty woman.  A micro bandeau is similar in shape to the traditional, but cut much narrower, revealing some breast at the top, bottom or both.  In a regular micro style, the cut will be only slightly smaller and reveals a hint of cleavage.  The crystal embellished bandeau shown below features curved lines and a narrow cut, revealing plenty of ample cleavage.

While this style may appear plenty skimpy enough, there are some extreme styles that offer shockingly less coverage. Extreme micro styles are all about showing as much skin as possible. These styles are often sheer or use just enough material to cover the nipple area, as in following example.  Rather than a wide piece of fabric, this top consists of only a very thin strap worn horizontally across the bust.  There are silver coin-like pieces covering the nipple area.  This top will certainly drop a few jaws, but is not at all practical and probably illegal at most beaches.

A regular micro bandeau, as shown in the first image is the most flattering, creating a much sexier shape by revealing some cleavage. Full coverage bandeau tops can often flatten or create a saggy appearance. On the other hand, the most extreme styles are for only the very brave, and may result in some serious wardrobe malfunctions.