Micro Brazilian Bikini

While the Brazilian bikini is undoubtedly sexy, the micro Brazilian bikini is even sexier.  With the extra skin on display in bottoms specifically designed to show off your derriere, it comes as no surprise that the Brazilian is gaining a lot of popularity and a lot of attention.  The original Brazilian was simply a low rise bikini bottom that had a touch less fabric in the back, allowing for more skin to be seen out the sides.  Nowadays, as the Brazilian grows in popularity and bikinis are getting skimpier, the tradition Brazilian bikini just isn’t enough.  To put the style even further, more and more fabric is disappearing from the back and coverage is getting more and more minimal.  And that’s just what the micro Brazilian bikini is.  This term refers to any bikini style that has a low rise bottom and minimal coverage in the back allowing a cheeky view at your assets.  Since it’s a micro style, the amount of fabric is very little meaning coverage in both the front and back is rather scant, but again, styles and cuts vary from brand to brand.  There could be string ties or side straps, a thong or a g-string.

With so much more of your rear exposed, don’t forget the sunscreen!  Burns would be nasty and uncomfortable to have.  Additionally, since there is much less fabric, do take the necessary steps to make sure that your bikini are is properly groomed before stepping out in one of these teeny tiny bikinis.  Whether you use creams, shave or wax, do whatever needs to be done to make sure that you’re as presentable as can be.  These styles are definitely not for the shy timid types, so if you’re feeling bold and confident, try one on and have a great time the next time you hit the beach!