Micro G-String Bikini

Minimize tan lines by wearing a micro g-string bikini.  Everything about this bikini bottom is micro from the coverage in the front to the actual g-string in the back.  The super thin and narrow straps that make up most of the bottom well ensure that you get the maximum amount of exposure to the sun and leave very little in the shade.  Certainly there are varying differences and stylistic variations of the micro g-string bikini such as string ties or amount of coverage offered in the front, but the common characteristics they all share are that they’re all deemed super small or micro.  The matching tops can vary depending on what you want to wear.  Of course there’s no rule stating you have to wear a set bikini top with the micro g-string, you can mix and match as you please.  If you want to go with minimal coverage, there are micro bikini tops available as well.  These tiny tops usually have small swatches of fabric to form the cups, just enough to cover the nipples, while the rest of the top is comprised of straps and ties.  Don’t expect a lot of support from these small creations either.  There’s so little material used that getting support is unlikely.

The micro g-string may be small but you can still take steps to care for it.  If you get into the water, take a rinse in fresh water as soon as you can.  Rinsing away any salt water or chlorine from a pool easily cleans away any chemicals that can slowly start to degrade your suit.  To clean the bikini, just hand wash with some warm water and mild soap, then hang it up to dry or lay it flat on a towel.