Micro Mesh Bikini

Yes, bikinis are available in different fabrics!  The micro mesh bikini, as the name suggests, is made of mesh material that leaves very little to the imagination. The micro bikini is a very small bikini style that leaves a lot of skin exposed to the sun.  Generally the tops are very small and are usually in the triangle cut.  The amount of coverage various from brand to brand but expect a scant amount of coverage with neck and back ties.  The micro bikini bottom usually has a very low rise with the bare minimum when it come to coverage in the front.  Most styles have skinny side straps that connect to a thong or g-string in the back.  The overall look is very sexy with your cheeks exposed for all to see.  The lightweight and sheer mesh material is slightly see-through and can create quite the stir when you emerge from the water!  That combined with the micro style of the bikini and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire attention getter.  Of course, with the rear-exposing style and the sheer fabric, anyone who has any reservations should opt for another style.  With all the skin that’s out on display and areas that could be seen, do take extra care to groom your bikini area properly.  Whether you wax, shave or use creams, just be sure that you’re looking presentable so as to avoid any embarrassment.  This style is definitely more risque and not very “family friendly” so make sure the beach you’re headed to is for adults only.  As always, remember the bring the sunscreen.  Since this is a sheer style, do remember to apply everywhere!