Micro Mini Bikini

The micro mini bikini is on the extreme end of the swimwear spectrum.  The swimwear spectrum has a full coverage one-piece on one end and something similar to the micro mini bikini on the other.  As with most distribution curves, most of us like bathing suits that fall somewhere in the middle.  But for those who like to be outliers and be unlike the norm, there are extreme styles available like this itty bitty micro mini suit.  As the name suggests, this bikini is teeny tiny and I don’t mean the overall size.  The patches of fabric that are used to create this suit are exceedingly minimal.  Really, the coverage is scant.  There’s usually just a little bit of fabric to cover the nipples on the top, then just a little bit of fabric on the bottom to cover your nether regions.  The rest is basically just straps and ties to connect everything together.  What your left with is a bikini that allows for maximum exposure that’s barely within the limits of the law.

Obviously, the micro mini bikini isn’t for everyone.  If you’re feeling super confident and gutsy, then yes, go ahead.  But as a warning, the micro mini isn’t for everywhere either.  Some beaches and pools are the family friendly type and it’s likely that moms won’t want their kids pointing and staring, so keep that in mind.  Also, if you need to do anything grooming before slipping this little thing on, do it a few days in advance to avoid any discomfort from sensitivity.  And lastly, please don’t forget to apply sunscreen everywhere.  With all that sexy skin on display, it’d be very unfortunate to burn any of it.