Micro String Bikini

The string bikini is quite possibly the world’s most popular and long-standing style of bikini.  With its flirty ties and skimpier look, it’s not wonder that young ladies everywhere have embraced the look.  Whether the same applies to it’s micro version is uncertain.  The micro style, to be sure, isn’t for everyone.  With some much skin on display and so little fabric to cover your private areas, most women would squirm at the thought of wearing this in public, let alone splashing around at the beach.  There’s no surprise as to why: barely enough coverage at the front, tiny cups, a g-string in the back, all tied together with a bunch of thin strings.  The micro string bikini is for those who, firstly, aren’t shy about showing off some sexy skin and, second, aren’t worried about any accidental exposure if the string ties come undone.  If you happen to be one of these rare women, then hats off to you.