Micro Thong Bikini

Sixty years ago there was no such thing as a micro thong bikini, let along a bikini.  People were conservative, proper and against anything taboo.  So naturally, when the bikini first debuted in 1946 it caused an uproar.  It was outrageous, scandalous, shocking, wild and had no place in civilized society.  But with all things in fashion, opinions change; though it initially drew gasps from the crowd, the bikini was eventually embraced.  Over the years the bikini increased in popularity and soon it was a staple to have in one’s closet, a must have for the beach.  During that same time, the amount of fabric used to create coverage also started to disappear.  Tops were shrinking, waistlines was dropping lower.  The shorts were replaced by briefs and the briefs were replaced by the string as bottom styles began to get more and more skimpy.  Now, as an alternative to the string, there’s the thong.  The thong, so named because of the wedge it creates in between your cheeks, is a bottom that creates a stir even greater than the people of 1946 could have ever imagined.  Where the string bikini covers your rear, the thong bikini exposes it.  That’s right, your cheeks are out in the sun in these scant bottoms.  And what could possibly upstage the thong bikini?  The micro thong bikini.  As you can likely guess from its name, the micro thong bikini is a smaller version of the thong bikini.  The low-rise is ultra low, the coverage in the front is very minimal and the thong in the back is now a g-string.  Since more of your skin is exposed to the rays of the sun, dedication to sunscreen application is a must.  Also, since this micro style offers extremely little coverage, do take care to make sure your private areas are properly groomed before wearing this out to the beach.  There’s no denying the sex appeal of this bikini style.  For those who aren’t shy and have the confidence to wear one, the micro thong bikini is a style that will leave onlookers in awe.