Mini Micro Bikini

The mini micro bikini is the tiniest of the tiny. These little bikinis are so extreme that you can expect a lot of looks from wearing one. This little bikinis are made up of swatches of fabric that supply just enough coverage to cover certain areas. The rest of the suit is simply made up of straps.

For the top, the usual style is the triangle top. With the mini micro bikini, the triangle top is designed with small patches of triangles that are just large enough to cover the nipple, with straps and strings that tie around the neck and back. There are some strapless bandeau styles as well if you prefer to avoid the tan line around the neck. Although given how minimal this style is, those lines are easily avoidable.

The bottoms have the same sized swatch to cover the front, the rest is just straps connect to a g-string in the back. Some styles have a small thong instead but the end result is still the same – much more surface area for the sun to tan. Alternative looks to the mini micro bikini include sides with string ties that add a touch of flirty detail to the bikini.