Sheer Micro Bikini

Want to show off skin in more ways than one? Then put on a g-string micro bikini and one that’s made out of mesh. Sheer micro bikinis combine the minimalism of a micro bikini with the see-through nature of mesh to make one head-turning bathing suit. The micro bikini shows off plenty of skin by having only the bare minimum when it comes to fabric coverage. The tops are much smaller than the average bikini top and show ample cleavage. The bottoms are designed to offer only the necessary amount of coverage with the rest comprised of straps and a g-string in the back. Some versions have a thong, but either way you’re not hiding a lot when wearing one. By substituting mesh for the regular swimsuit material, it ups the ante in the sex appeal. Plus, once this suit gets wet, get ready to expect some attention. Prints and darker colors are less transparent than solids and light colors.

Since these bikinis are see-through, it’s important to have the necessary areas properly groomed – you wouldn’t want to be standing out for the wrong reasons!